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I have been editing new photos, developing new shoot ideas as I look to push my portfolio further and in new directions, and looking to get the portfolio magazine back on track with a goal of finishing issue 2 within the next few weeks followed by a third issue and get a second October Gothic themed released mid-October.  The magazine got off track as i was looking for written thoughts from the people who styled the looks featured in the second issue.  I might have been better off to get one of the other issues i started on out of the gate.  Starting a print on demand magazine isn’t easy as you must put in the time and sometimes come up with something else which will be more ready to go.  Ideas sometime take longer to develop than we want.  I have several different ideas for photography and writing in development.  Sometimes one can get distracted and things crawl to a halt.  I will have a future post on staying motivated and how sometimes setting a schedule can keep that motivation going.

I will be back with a more focused post by the end of the month.


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I always wanted to make a magazine and get my work out there.  EMV (short for Enterline Media Visual) Magazine is my portfolio magazine.  The first issue is the October Gothic issue.  I have been slowly working on the second theme issue with good ideas for the next four issues after that, but delays have been known to happen.   The first attempt at putting together the magazine failed as I quite didn’t have the first issue I wanted, but a year later I found a way to crack the portfolio magazine by having a theme every issue and the problem was solved.  Now I originally called the magazine EMV, but I have settled on EMV Magazine for the second issue on until I come up with a better magazine name and I will discuss the magazine name later in this entry.


I used MagCloud for the first issue and I will probably at least use them for digital for future issues, but Blurb (who owns MagCloud) offers the print version cheaper through their own site than through MagCloud (I know it’s confusing).   The print version is the version of EMV Magazine I prefer over the digital version (even though the digital one is cheaper).   So I would rather have fans of my work buy the print version (even though the digital is cheaper and I make more of a profit per copy sold).  I like how the magazine is presented and have a copy of it in my hands instead of looking at a magazine on the computer screen.   I was born in the generation where magazines were more common in their variety and people bought them more, but sadly the print magazine is in decline and some of the best print magazines have went out of print or had to reduce the size of their magazine (look at how Alternative Press went from a bigger page size to a digest size page over the last 20 years).


Print On Demand (or POD) does offer a cost effective way of getting whatever magazine you want out to an audience, but the trick is to find that audience and make it grow.  You really have to love making a magazine in a POD world since many have given up on it after a while since it doesn’t offer lots of money and it is a passion project that you want to pursue.  Many magazines don’t pay freelancers anymore and they have a staff to generate content while anyone submitting to a POD isn’t going to be paid at all other than see their work in print and/or digital.  I know many people want it now and don’t want to pay for it which is a regrettable attitude of many in today’s viewership of any content.   I do hope you support the artists and writers you love not just by looking at their work.  I hope you make that commitment to buy some of their work whether it is book by an author or a photo by a photographer or digital artist (or featuring a model you love or lust for) you love.


That brings me to changing the title of the magazine since I don’t want EMV to be confused with Europay Mastercard Visa which is EMV for short which is the standard chip based cards.  So I added magazine after EMV and calling it EMV magazine while I think of what will be the new title for the magazine.  Headaches for POV publishing.  Stay tuned.

Here is the link to first issue of my portfolio magazine known as EMV 1-



Jordan Bunniie- a look back at some studio images I shot in 2015

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Edited in Lightroom to make the air white and to smooth and clone stuff out

Model vs Client shoots- the difference between rights (first version)

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What is the difference to being a model for a photographer and being the client that the photographer is hired to take pictures of?  There are some big differences which I will discuss in this entry.


It is usually because the photographer is looking to get a job done or to further his own portfolio.   The model signs a release outlying the rights granted to the photographer.  The only control the model has is what was agreed for the shoot and what the model allows the photographer to shoot.   If the model tries to dictate what images get out after the shoot, it may be a lost cause unless the model release states some creative control between the model and photographer before a release is signed.   Unless you are famous or deliver a really fantastic product to anyone you work with, rights are give an take between a photographer and model.



The photographer is paid and the control is usually in control of the client, but in many cases the photographer still owns the copyright on the images unless he sells them or the work-for-hire agreement states the client will own the said copyright. The photographer needs permission to post images online from the client unless there is something stated up front to give permission to do so.


Some models do get the two confused when they think they control what is posted.  A model is hired by a photographer or she seeks out the photographer to model for him unless she hires said photographer (like pay him/ her) for images which falls back into work for hire territory where the model is client looking to boost his/ her portfolio.



You try to state the terms of a release clearly and sometimes it is best to say nothing if they try to get more control than the release allows.  As a photographer, you are going to get the occasional difficult client.  It is a sad fact of life and we just have to handle it gracefully under pressure and remain professional.

I do welcome feedback so I can make this entry more refined since i have delayed it for a while

the Evolution of the Winter Witch

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The journey for one of the images for this year’s  Christmas card and the variant card image began about two years ago.   The above image on the left is the original edited image that was shot in April 2014 with model Rebecca L where the one on the right is the photo composite created for the card this month.  I have been playing around with my compositing skills for the last year and one of my first composites using Rebecca was this below image-winterwitchweb-3

This card is the variant card image which I had printed ina 1 of these for every 3 of the other winter witch card.  The background is a winter background used as a stock image with permission from a russian photographer/ photoshop artist.  The following image is one of the original edits the variant came from-


I found these two images of Rebecca could be reworked over and over with different backgrounds like this other composite that I did-


The winter witch wasn’t my original idea for this year’s Christmas card, but it was an eleventh hour inspiration when the photo shoot for the idea I originally had fell apart (hopefully I get to shoot the idea soon and save it perhaps for next year’s Christmas card).  This shoot with Rebecca has paid off for me in creative dividends over and over (and it may even inspire other digital art creations).  So the journey to the card you see took almost two years and the variant card image has been sitting around since almost the start of 2015.  Creativity and ideas sometime take time, but I find digital art/ photo manipulations as a new way to create the images I want to see.  I hope this blog does inspire your own creative journey as a photographer and artist as I find the creation of an image to be rewarding in the editing stage and I always look forward to editing or using an image to create something new.  Happy Holidays from Enterline Media Visual an a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate December 25th as a holiday.

Up next is the delayed blog entry on the differences between a model shoot and a client shoot.



the time has come for the new Christmas Card

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the annual Christmas card will be unveiled in over a week and it will be one of three images.  Below are example of images that have appeared on previous cards (or come from the photo shoot where the final image was selected from).  new blog post next week which will focus on model vs. work-for-hire shoots as in what is the difference between the two.  Have a happy weekend.

Happy Halloween- here is what I have been shooting lately

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